1st Liberation - I got the right to lose my mind

610 Toresco - S/t


A Fairytale Of Goodbye - S/t

A Hero Divine - When There Is No More Room In Hell, The Dead Will Walk The Earth

A Hole Inside - Steps we have to follow

A Hole Inside - The Face Of Ignorance

Abjekt - Demo 2007

Absorbingthepain - S/t

Adams Apple - S/t

Adora Eye - The devil and my black sunday bird

Affecti Veternus - The Might of the Meat

Alias Crippe - Förlorade själars tåg

Amys Ashes - S/t

Anachronaeon - As the last human spot in me dies

Anagoes - Hollywood

And Wilt - You're now a song

Andrea Caccese - Icarus Falling/Set The World On Fire

Andreas Borg - Crosscuts

Andreas Borg - Swine before pearls

Andreas Borg - The Atonement of Abbadon

Andreas Borg - The murder outtakes

Animasola - Doors/Hint of a spark

Anti Control Action Band - The take action plot

Apes IQ - Pussyfied pimpride

Apple Blight - S/t

Apples in the Ground - Demo

Arbogast - Idiot boy effort

Arcane Willow - S/t

Armada - S/t

Ashes - The cell

Astray - Don't put the ring on your finger

Athela - Reliance

Avatar - 4 reasons to die

Avdelning 5 - Geggboll

Avstå - Svält


Baba Ottokar - S/t

Babels herrar - Blod, guld och vingar

Bangalore (Gbg) - Lika lätt som att vissla en melodi (lika lätt blåser livet förbi)

Bards of Thore - Tunes from Thore

Barn Swallow - Vinland Fields EP

Basically The Same - Are you standing behind me?

Basically The Same - Clear blue guardian sky

Beorx - S/t

Bianca - S/t

BK Mållgan - S/t

Black Sheep Parade - A Legacy of lesser men

Blomma - Höstlöv

Bloodbus - S/t

Blouis - Four tracks

Bluekicks - Louise

Blästerorkester - The Evil Grill sessions

BMC Spleen - Know your enemies

BOA - S/t

Body Horror - Shock Chew Choke EP

Bombangrepp - Skuggan av Dödens Sändebud

Bovver Brigade - Hate the world

Boyii Black Belt - For pleasure only

Boyii Black Belt/Neighbourhood Psychos - Split

Brutus - S/t

By Heart - S/t


Cabin 76 - S/t

Cardiac Arrest - ...for hell

Cardiac Arrest - In a vendetta kind of mood

Cardiac Arrest - Vicious intent

Carl Hagström - S/t

Cassus - Embrace The Restless

Cassus - Searching the wastelands

Cassus - Through the woods

Celestine - S/t

CellOut - Superstar prototype

Centen State - S/t

Centicore - Death’s Parade

Chaos Eternal - A darker state of mind

Cheerleader - Seven nights in Soho

Children C'mon - Saturday night it is

Children Of War - Decades of mourn

Chillihounds - No fashion, just rock 'n' roll

Chimney Heart - S/t

Chimneyheart - To The Place You Come From

CK:69 - Cheezez

Clapatria - Dystopia dawn

Class of Kill'em High - S/t

Claw - S/t

Colossus - Spiritual Myiasis

Colossus - The Mechanical Engineering of Living Machines

Come On Like Gangbusters - S/t

Come On Like Gangbusters - S/t

Come On Like Gangbusters - S/t

Comfort Addict - Get yourself something pretty

Comfort Addict - If We Were an Addiction

Comfort Addict - Kind of Kind

Core - Demo 05

Crank - Spraypaint Salvation

Crash - Are u ready?

Crash - Back to zero

Crashdiet - S/t

Cut Lips - China White


D.G.P.P - Återkomsten

Dajmspräckers - Norrländsk lag

Dakkfoai - Through all my fences

Dandelion - Demo

Dandelion - S/t

Darn - S/t

Darn - Second to nothing

David Josephson - Vackra förlorare

De Tre - S/t

Dear Derailed - S/t

Death By Armborst - S/t

Deathember - Demo 2010

DeDam - Goodmorning Headache

Definition Of Chaos - doc

Depressive Art - Gothic country songs for the sorry ones

Depressive Art - The ghostride experience

Depressive Art - When spirits surround

Deserted Avenues - Hope

Detained - S/t

Devi - Glöm ditt huvud

Deviniance - S/t

Divine - S/t

Doghead - Demon

Dreamwire - Nowhere To Run

Drivvedsfolket - Vilket gäng!

Dryasdust - S/t

Dust - Ready to rock

Dust Bowl Jokies - Groovin’ Occult Rock ‘n’ Roll


Eddie Wheeler - Humble plea

Edge Of A Circle - You

Egonaut - Demo

El Padre - S/t

El Poncho - Polycube EP

El Poncho - Rooftops EP

Elements - S/t

Elina Karsna - Vintergröna

Elite - Give it all you got

Ellen Beach - This must be where songs go when they die

Elmer - Music for the cochlea

Elmer - My destructive generation

Elohim - Mark Black

Elohim - Modest Memoirs

Emerald - S/t

Emerald - The first day of our fall

Enchained - Days of slaughtered souls

Enjoy The View - Dreams To Remember

Erodead - The drudgery of relevant gods

Eternity Remains - Uncurbed

Ett Rop På Hjälp - S/t

Everett Parker - Alive and Dusty

Everwhere - Black Dawn

Everwhere - One By One...Dead

Experience The Flow - S/t


Fallen Angels - Black lotus

Fanclub - Fans are necessary in the summer

Feeble - Some kind of red

Finnegan's Hell - S/t

Firestone - Mexicon ep

Fish Fingers - Behöver du hjälp?

Fourever - New era

Frame - A loco motive

Frankfurt - The greatest pillow fight of all time ep

Funked Up - Chapel Hill


Gamla Testamentet - Kapitel 1, Vers 1-3

Gila Storm - The Flood

God Damn Trio - S/t

Gorefight - Kill the leader

Grace.Will.Fall - Fury is for the weak

Grace.Will.Fall - Yesterday never came

Grand State Parade - S/t

Grande Roses - Say It To My Fervent Heart

Greta & The One Night Stands - A Boy Named Greta

Grindnecks - 460 from hell

Guile - S/t


HelinHills - The SunningeSound Session

Hello Confusion - Into the daze and around the bend

Hellow - Golden Shit EP

Hellow - Reality Sucks

Hellsongs - Hymns in the key of 666

Hence the Riot - S/t

Henke Wermelin And The Jed Khalids - Moribund

Henrik Hell And The Alrights - The first 2-track demo

Hion Martell - Water

Honey Mustard - Demo

Honey Mustard - S/t

Horns of Anguish - Everlasting Apathy

Human Desolation - Demo

Human Desolation - Project Wasteland

Håll käften, vad vill du!? - II


I Am You We Are - The Masquerade

Iago - A Buzzard In A Lark's Nest

Icons on Television - Demo

Icons on Television - S/t

Ignition Code - Upgraded

Iisole - S/t

Ikaros - Kamikaze

In Grey - Above

Incarnit - Umbra

Industrin - Vi kan bara le

Inferno (XII) - First Circle

Insane Therapy - Veil of Silence

Instead of Lions - S/t

Instrumen - Panzermen

Intohimo - Past present and never again

Isobel - My melted me

It Will Come - 47

It Will Come - Bound

It Will Come - Truth is nothing but deceit


Jack Of All Trades - Demo 2005

Jackie Khan - Put it on!

Jackie Khan - Showcase

Jackie Khan - To all of them we left behind

Japonica - Demo

Je T'aime Mon Amore - Let loose, honeypie!

Jesper Fries - Broken dreams satellite boy

Jet Link - Totalljud

Joachim Dahlberg - Fantasifoster

Johan Andersson - 4 demos

Johan Andersson - Promo 2002-2005

Johan Norström - S/t

Johan Wahlström - Gömda land

Johannes Pavalder - Poetic Motion

John Moose - S/t

Johnny Goes J - Flying away from madness

Jonas Tunander - You took a piece of my heart

Juni - Det här är till dig

Järnmalm - Trasdockor


Kalla Kårar - Skymningssagor

Kapitano - S/t

Kapten Kermit - Promo #1

Karl Frank - S/t

Kept - Detours & Sidetracks

Kid Down - S/t

King - You’re with King now, baby

King Romeo - S/t

Kings Avenue - Not A Princess

Klas Bohlin - S/t

Kolonin - Tak av glas

Konstantin - Hollywoodsyndromet

Konstantin - Om jag överlever Stockholm

Korova Station - S/t

Kungers - Vi vill inte ha era kanonkulor


Lash - S/t

Last View - Become The Storm

Lemmut - Monkeyblood

Les Anges Perdues - S/t

Les Anges Perdues - These sailors will keep you afloat

LilErik - Jag är funky

LilErik - Min Stil

Limbus - Promo MMVI

Lingua - La lingua della lingua

Lingua - S/t

Linnea Sodahl - S/t

Lizzy Insane - Promo

LO-FI For Dummies - Fuck IT

Lolita Stasi Collective - Segregation girl

Los - There is no way we can agree on this

Lost Within - S/t

Lou Siffer and the howling demons - The Mosher

Louise Lemón - Demo

Love Injections - 3 sheets to the wind

Love Injections - S/t

Loving Chokes - Lady pilot

Lovisa Cathcart - ep

Lovisa Lindström - Something’s Been Missing EP

Lucy - I väntan

Lucy - På flykt

Lydiakai - S/t


Mad Lee Riot - Liqour pond st.

Magnus Tengdahl - When I Romanticize

Maramon - Sömn

Marrakesh - Houndheart

Marrakesh - S/t

Martin Browall - Ett Steg Närmare

Martin Prahl - October Songs

Mata De Leon - Gunslinger/doors and walls

Mauzer - Sick of you

MCD - Moln Som Tid

MCD - Rebellion ep

MCD - S/t

Mellow - Stay for a while

Memorial Graphics - Stuck on survival

Mexicoma - S/t

Middleage - Out of reach

Mikle - Lovecurse

Miklos Oas - S/t

Miles - Nuts Ahead

Mind OD - Cold

Miscellany - Demo

Mist - On High Heels

Module - Throw it at the wall

Mojo Waves - Introducing Mojo Waves

Moll Flanders - S/t

Monkey Business - Knark horor och jazz

Monoscream - Reborn

Monoscream - S/t

Montmorency - S/t

Moscow - October heat

Moscow - S/t

Mother Dirt - Show Me Some Skin

Mother Popcorn - S/t

Mudcake - Demo2

Mudcake - S/t

Musicemia - S/t

My Machete - S/t

My Mellow Venue - Juggernaut ep

My Sunrise - S/t

Myrah - Death & Despair

Mäbe - Promo 2006

Mäbe - Till minnet av


Naivsuper - Demo

Nars - Resurrection

National Meadow - Long lost landscapes

Nedslagsplats - S/t

Nemas - S/t

Nemas - Sound of the town

Nemas - True Stories

Netherbird - Blood Orchid

Niccokick - We give...

Nils Jonsson - Sorgens kammare

Ninja Dolls - Go where the action is

Ninja Dolls - Goodbye (My Darling)

Nitro Dive - After you

No Hawaii - Bruce Lee in your brain

Noir - A thousand feet

Nomen - S/t

Norma Bates - Promo

Ns Stalkers - S/t


Oh Dear - S/t

Ola Angleby - Demo 2008

Old Kerry Mckee - Black Birds

Old Kerry McKee - Wooden Songs

Once at the Lost & Found - A Lifeless city mile

Once at the Lost and Found - Conversation EP

One Two One Two's - Mayday on a may day

Ophilia - The Ivory Gate EP

Oppression - State of war

Osten af Mozzarella - Inte min kopp med te

Osten Med Resten - Satans järnvägar

Ottilia Säll - Machinery of Night

Out Of Clouds - Another ep

Out Of Clouds - Into your lovely summer

Outtrigger - Untestified Revolution


Painfield - Two-Faced

Pal - S/t

Panopticon - Like flowers fade

Panopticon - Listen

Paperback Freud - Promo -04

Passarounders - Oh yeah, Lorenzo, oh yeah

Path Of Denial - Confined Humanity

Path Of No Return - Demo 2002

Perfect Gift - White lies

Perfect Substitute - Recreate our army

Perish - Betrayed

Peter Dahlin - False directions

Peter Dahlin - Out in the snow ep

Phony Phokes - Live at the phat phlantage

Phony Phokes - On the move

Phony Phokes - Proudly presents

Photogenic - Promo cd

Pike - Beneath Death Valley

Pike - Beyond The Surface

Piranha - S/t

Pitch Blonde - S/t

Planet Superfly - S/t

Plutonium - Wind of change

Ponamero Sundown - Heavy rock

Ponamero Sundown - We shall triumph

Port of Saints - Day and Night Delivery

Preach - Melt to sand

Prematur - Demo 2004

Prematur - S/t

Prowess - Demo 08

Prüf - New World

Pulver City - S/t

Pushing Cows - S/t

Pyracanth - OriginHalE




Radio Carolyn - Per asper ad astra

Radiohandtag - Return

Raid - Mind Game

Raid - Waiting for winter

Ramblin'Nicholas - I recall the campfirelight

Ramblin'Nicholas - Takin' Off

Ramusai - S/t

Random Smith - Demo

Random Sound - First Round

Rat Riot - S/t

Rebel Reborn - Campaign

Rebuke - Kill stereotypes

Reissue - S/t

Riff Knives - Ape Flip EP

Riff Knives - Rattle For Fame EP

Rind - Saper vedere

Roach - Demo 2

Rosario Sound - Get together

Royal Modesty - Smalltown lie

Rusty Cage - Neverfriend


S.L.Y - Fem djupa andetag

Saffire - Kingdom of the Blind

Sagabond - Strings

Salt - Girig 2007

Salut! Machaut - S/t

Satirnine - No blessnings, no reasons

Savage Heart - Come on in

Scarecrow Nation - Birth of a New Day

Seaweed - S/t

Sebad - Love A Lie EP

Sengaija - Kanske så hårt att det inte kan kallas för musik

September Malevolence - Surviving destinies

Seven AM - We never said enough ep

Seventribe - Promodisc

Seventribe - Promodisc II

Seventribe - S/t

Shadowlights - Pandemonium my order

Shaker - Tight enough

Shallow Sense - Here Goes Nothing

Shallow Sense - It's a Lie That Time Can Heal

Shallow Sense - Promo 09

Shallow Sense - S/t

Shape Of Sense - Compressor

Shine - aching/the fear

Shiner - Crashing down

Shiner - S/t

Shit the cow - volume/cow

Shouting Terry - The lights have gone out EP

Sick of Sue - This Is Sick Of Sue

Silver Trigger - ...let's make it burn!

Silver Trigger - Bourbon Street

Slim Loris - Down to Earth

Slowmotion Club - Tiny Dots EP

Slowmotion Scene - Landsbyggd

Small Boobie Band - S/t

SOB Pariassound - Particulary interested in the advanced matematics

Solity - Live to serve, Serve to die

Solity - Species 2.0

Somber - Define:rend

Somber - Name your poison

Someone Killed Waldo - 10:27 pm

Soul Of My Shoes - S/t

Sound Scenario - Follow the Red Line

Sound Scenario - The Break Up / Grow Up

Sparrow - Feathers & Wings

Sparrow - S/t

Spiral Stairs - Nice people like us

Splinter - Varning! Takhörn

Squelch - Inferior/superior

Stained Red - This city

Starlet Suicide - Broken doll

Starship Monolit - Year Zero pt 1-5

Stellar - Findings

Stellar - S/t

Sterile Hermaphrodite - Big Fat Pussy Club

Stillborn Subject - Input

Stone Carpet - Silence!

Stone Carpet - The Sound of a Thousand

Stoneflowers - Black strain, cold rain

Stoneflowers - Peace Love & Stoneflowers

Stones Cry Out - Ghost town ep

Stranger Things - Where You Go EP

Sue - Ordinary day

Sugarfee - I wasn't enough for the Conversation

Sugarfee - It's in you head now

Sumie - A Drop of Night

Sun of Eyes - Serpent Demon Evil Fuck

Supersonic Speedfreaks - This Is Year X

Supragod - You can't bomb this

Susanna Risberg Pop Band - S/t

Swedish Shoes - S/t

Swindle-A-Go-Go - The glamurder traxx

Swindle-A-Go-Go - The re-hab-e-lula stories


Talking To Teapots - Are you talking to teapots?

Tamaraw - Ambience Overload

Technique - S/t

Ted - S/t

Ten Feet High - Demo

Ten Feet High - Demo

Ten Feet High - No approval needed EP

Terrortory - One dead morning

Terrortory - S/t

The Alpine - Promotion 03

The Animation - The grass is always greener on the other side

The Benefits Of - S/t

The Better Way - S/t

The Bonedivers - Hellbilly City

The Bulls Eye Dirt - Legends

The Bulls Eye Dirt - Living to lose

The Carnation - Around the sun

The Deafening Silence - A pale spark

The Deliverance - Align in silence

The Deliverance - Traces

The Drawbacks - Aluminium

The Drawbacks - At least a spark

The Dräperz - Välkommen till Råby

The Elephants - Hippos are dangerous

The Flaming Moes - Moving to Mexico

The Flaming Moes - We'll never forget where our hearts lie - love, the flaming moes

The Flicker - Meanwhile

The Goddamned - General Bad Luck

The Goddamned - Head First

The Goddamned - S/t

The Good Honey Society - Finally something burned out right

The Gordon Project - Better life

The Great Decay - Apocalypse Now (CDs)

The Great Decay - S/t

The Jana Rakalovas - Harder, taster the jana rakalovas

The Jasmines - Exit here

The Junkies - Swirl

The Last Hours - Alone together

The Lips - S/t

The Lyndon Seven - Demo

The Lyndon Seven - S/t

The Magistrators - You Want Bobby Peru

The Magnificent Seven - Welcome To The Broken-Hearted Show

The Marrows - S/t

The Missing Link - Sometimes we need tragedies

The Missing Link - Twist & Shout! / Would You Kill Us For Money?

The Ninja Crusade - Johnny bravinskij-skod in loving memory

The Pavilion - S/t

The People - S/t

The Pica Pica Orchestra - Live

The Process - S/t

The Recon - Crossing Obstacles

The Revelling Blind - Demo 2005

The Revelling Blind - Demo 2006

The Revelling Blind - S/t

The Revelling Blind - The Promo

The Scarecrows - Sleaze & dirt

The Septic Tanks - Seeds from the sewers

The Shy Lads - The basement recordings

The Sonic Barrels - Suburban heroes

The Straydogs - Simsalablam!

The Straydogs - Unleashed

The Stuckups - Fucking promo 2003

The Try - S/t

The Winston Solution - Good things will come to those who can't wait

Think-Box - S/t

This Time Divine - Curtains

This Vision - S/t

Thomas Idebäck - S/t

Those Pyjamas - Lift me up, pick me up

Ticking Bombs - S/t

Tifuos - Heartbreak and other things

Tikkle Me - Butterflies in my tummy

Tower of Stone - Painting Tomorrow

Trachea - S/t

TrashiT - S/t

Tremor Tones - #4

Tvärnitad - Krossa tänderna mot kaklet

Twoface - God?


Ulrika Windolf - The Sad Ones

Uniform - Turns me on!


Vaganza Trailerpark - S/t

Varnagel - Marknadsromantik

VC-PS - Dressed all in scars n’ leather

Vegas V.I.P - Carnival of lost souls

Verious - S/t

Versus Me - Songs of built and destruction

Vervain - Junos Tears

Vienna Heat - A wall around your head

Vienna Heat - Baby, when we danced

Vietcong Pornsürfers - Cunts Don't Play Guitar

Vietcong Pornsürfers - Restless, Young, Hungry and Free

Violent Divine - S/t


Waid - Children of tomorrow

Waid - Fallen

Waid - We are in denial

Waiting Waters - S/t

Walter Ego - Demo 2

Walter Ego - S/t

Warfect - Demo 2011

Watchworks - Knocking Men Off The Walls Of China

Watchworks - S/t

Welkin And The Jangler - Gotthard sessions

Wendy - Angst ep

Wendy - S/t

What Tomorrow Brings - This You Owe Me

Wilhelm Lindh - No matter what they say

Wonderland - Stars of punk

Wreckless - S/t


X point enemy - Ballet on the brinks

X Point Enemy - Blackstrap


Yellow Bear - My Friend Neo


Zackarias - Som katakomber

Zany Gaffe - Rain

Zico - This is rock music

Zip It - On the edge

Zitter - Alligator Highway

Zitter - The vulture punk n'roll machine


[sic] - Waking up





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